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As specialists in natural cosmetics we can help you about brands to distribute and develop your own brand if you wish. Whether you are big or small we have the best solution for you.  Contact us and request your personalized quote. You will not have to worry about anything, we offer turnkey projects.

Are you self-employed with a small physical or online store? 

Are you an established distributor with a significant sales network?

Are you a hotel and need natural amenities?


Correctly registering your trademark and deciding if registering it in Spain is enough for your project or it is better to register it at European level or in other countries and establish the classes in which it will be registered is a key task.

The trademark not only has to be registrable but appropriable and the registration process is complex, requires a thorough investigation prior to the filing of the application and actions parallel to the registration itself.

A bad registration can lead to oppositions,to the refusal of the mark and to lose the fees paid but also even if the registration has been granted, to have a weak and poorly protected mark.

We can advise you and carry out the registrations directly in both the OEPM and the EUIPO and manage the registration outside the EU.


We take care of doing all the obligatory studies for the commercialization  of the products and those extra that you may need:

• Compatibility test
• Challenge test, Patch test, Open test…

We prepare the necessary legal documentation and carry out the necessary notification procedures for the safe placing on the market of your products:

1. Constitute a Product Information File (PIF).
2. Perform the Security Assessment.
3. Notify the product to the European Commission through the CPNP portal (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal).


Marketing has to be balanced with a good product behind that so we make sure that the formulation of your cosmetic line is in tune with the spirit of your brand, we elaborate the formulas that best suit your particular situation and we send you samples so you can test the products and choose the one you like the most.
We can make your product something unique with the best ingredients, vegan and respecting the environment to the maximum.


We take care of choosing the best national or international place to manufacture the products simultaneously or alternately, to do all the follow-up untill finished product meets the pre-established requirements.


Choosing the right packaging for your product is another very important step. Packaging is not only a key piece in the choice of a product by customers but is key to the conservation of the product itself, therefore an attractive design is necessary but above all compatible with the product to be marketed.

We carry out compatibility tests, we advise you on the presentation and the legal information that must necessarily be included and we take care if you wish of the supply of packaging both nationally and internationally. We import directly.


We deliver products ready to be marketed and we ensure continuity and fluidity in deliveries. If you wish, we can also advise you in relation to the different sales channels.

And we offer additional services so you don’t really have to worry about anything.




Our legal team will draft and review manufacturing, distribution,commercial representation contracts, etc. so you can protect your business and your brand and work with maximum peace of mind with the right partners.


Whenever possible we work with local producers but the reality is that much of the cosmetic packaging comes from Asia and in this case we have the ability to buy directly from the international factories, to carry out quality controls and to legally import the products into the EU.

We can also import other products such as machinery for the sector or natural products of bamboo, starch or other biodegradable and compostable materials.


Do you need photos of your products? We can take studio photos or computer renders that allow you to present your products in a professional way and even start preparing the marketing material prior to the launch of the products.


Do you want to export but don’t know how? Is it insecurity for you to sell to non-European customers? Bionat Vegan will help you throughout the process. We are specialists in exporting to all continents.


Certifying products as natural, organic or vegan products is not a legal obligation but it is a commercial instrument. Many manufacturers and marketers declare that their products are natural but in reality there is no control that this is the case. Only certification by companies or independent bodies assures us that the products are what they claim to be and are 100% transparent with the consumer.
At Bionat Vegan we manage the certification of products and make sure they are of high quality.



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